three veterans sitting at computer

Veterans Campus to Careers Toolkit

For student veterans moving into the workforce

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  • Build confidence as you transition to a civilian career.
  • Forge a career path based on your strengths, aspirations, and needs.
  • Understand your legal rights during hiring and employment.
  • Consider what you might need to perform at your best on the job.
  • Find ways to learn and grow in your career.
  • Connect with other veterans and potential employers.
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Counselors Campus to Careers Toolkit

For career counselors who guide student veterans

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  • Understand the unique strengths and needs of veteran students, including those with disabilities and women veterans.
  • Learn about the rights of veterans with disabilities during the hiring process and employment.
  • Enable veterans to plan a career based on their strengths and needs.
  • Build connections with potential employers.

These toolkits were built by the Yang-Tan Institute on Disability and Employment at Cornell University in conjunction with veterans services at SUNY-Oswego (New York) and East Central College (Missouri). They can be used by student veterans to navigate the campus-to-career transition and by counselors in vocational rehabilitation, higher education, employment services, and independent living.